Online Summit 2020 Speaker Videos are Live!

We are excited to share the videos from our Humane Hoax Online Summit 2020! Please visit our website to view individual presentations. You can share the entire page or click the YouTube links to share them individually.

Many thanks to our wonderful speakers for the 2020 summit, as well as to those who attended the summit in cyberspace, and of course our co-organizers Hope Bohanec and Justin Van Kleeck.

Just a reminder of the speakers and their presentations:

Deborah Blum, Goatlandia Sanctuary: “Living In Goatlandia: Stories of ‘Humane’ Farmed Animal Rescue”

Lisa Barca, Professor at Arizona State University: “Humane Myths and Media: The Reproduction of Speciesism in Mainstream News”

Kelsey Eberly, ALDF: “Fighting Humane-Washing: How to Protect Animals Through Consumer Advocacy”

Cogen Bohanec, PhD Candidate: “Honor Killing: Spiritual Bypass in DIY Slaughter”

Sailesh Rao, Climate Healers: “The Sustainable Animal Agriculture Hoax Exposed”

Hope Bohanec: Taking Action: What can we do to further expose the Humane Hoax?

[P.S.: You can view the presentations from 2019 on page 2 of the Speaker Videos–just look for the page link at the very bottom.]

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