What can YOU do to help expose the Humane Hoax?

In 3 simple steps, you can make a difference!

ONE: Stop saying “factory farming.”

Instead, say:

  • animal farming,
  • animal agriculture, or
  • animal agribusiness.

The term factory farming conjures up images of horrific lives for animals, rightly so, yet also implies that, conversely, animals raised on smaller farms or with “humane” labels have idyllic lives.

All farmed animals suffer regardless of where or how they’re raised. See the article “Stop Saying Factory Farming” for more information.

TWO: Educate people.

If someone tells you they only buy “humanely raised” animal products, let them know:

No matter the label, farmed animals suffer.

  • They’re separated from their families.
  • They’re mutilated without painkillers (debeaked, dehorned, castrated, branded, tails and toes are cut off).
  • They’re killed at a fraction of their natural lifespan.
  • Males are killed as babies in the egg or dairy industries (because they’re “useless”).

“Humane” slaughter does not exist.

  • Slaughter is very violent – not the same as euthanasia for your beloved companion animals.
  • For animals raised by a trustworthy farmer, being sent to slaughter is the ultimate betrayal.
  • Read and share this article about “humane slaughter.”

THREE: Spread the Word!

Order the Humane Hoax Leafleting Card and leave them at coffee shops, markets, and give them out at events and on the street!

Help spread the message that animals suffer in all forms of animal agribusiness.