Speaker Videos

Humane Hoax Online Conference
February 26, 2022

Sena Crutchley, “Dismantling Deceptive Marketing Tactics”

John Sanbonmatsu, “The Psychology of Bad Faith: Effective Altruism and ‘Humane’ Meat Discourse”

Emily Moran Barwick, “The Psychology of Bad Faith: Effective Altruism and ‘Humane’ Meat Discourse”

Hope Bohanec, “The Humane Hoax: Digging Deeper and Taking Action”



Humane Hoax Chicken Webinar
May 29, 2021

Hope Bohanec & Justin Van Kleeck

Dr. Tushar Mehta, Plant Based Data, “The Ecological, Health, and Zoonotic Risks of Poultry and Egg Consumption”

Rachel McCrystal, Woodstock Sanctuary, “Speaking of Chickens”

Panel: Chickens on the Couch, Dismantling Who Is a Companion Animal:
Rebecca Moore, Institute for Animal Happiness & Quincy Markowitz, Farm Bird Sanctuary

Humane Hoax Chicken Webinar
September 12, 2020

Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns: “Humane Eggs” and “Happy Wings”: The Life and Death of Chickens Farmed for Food
Mary Britton Clouse, Chicken Run Rescue: Rescued Chickens: What They Want, What They Need and What They Don’t
Justin Van Kleeck, Triangle Chicken Advocates: “Good for a Pet or Good on the Grill”: The Terrible Truths of Backyard Chickens
Nora Constance Marino, Esq., Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos: Ritual of Killing: Kaporos, Chickens, and the Law
Activist Panel: Rocky Schwartz, Mahika Gupta, and Julia Magnus (Chicago Roo Crew):
Taking Action for Chickens: Inspiring Activists on the Front Lines

Humane Hoax Online Summit 2020
January 18 & 25, 2020

Deborah Blum, Goatlandia Sanctuary: “Living In Goatlandia: Stories of ‘Humane’ Farmed Animal Rescue”

Lisa Barca, Professor at Arizona State University: “Humane Myths and Media: The Reproduction of Speciesism in Mainstream News” 

 Kelsey Eberly, Animal Legal Defense Fund: “Fighting Humane-Washing: How to Protect Animals Through Consumer Advocacy”

Cogen Bohanec, PhD Candidate: “Honor Killing: Spiritual Bypass in DIY Slaughter”

Sailesh Rao, Climate Healers: “The Sustainable Animal Agriculture Hoax Exposed”

Hope Bohanec: Taking Action: What can we do to further expose the Humane Hoax?