The Humane Hoax

To more fully understand the concept of the humane hoax we invite you to read these articles by Hope Bohanec.

The Humane Hoax: “Factory Farming” vs.
Alternative Farming

For most of my life, I have been engaging in conversations about animals raised and killed for their meat, milk, and eggs. READ MORE

“Sustainable” Animal Products: Greenwashing Our Food

Go to any Whole Foods and you will see a variety of terminology describing a “new way” of raising farmed animals: local, organic, sustainable, free-range, etc. READ MORE

Which Eggs are Ethical To Eat?

I love having conversations about chickens. Luckily, I get to chat about chickens quite often though my work as an animal advocate, but my joy can turn quickly to frustration as I am often get asked which eggs are ethical to eat. READ MORE

Stop (Saying) Factory Farming

Advocates fighting for farmed animals should be proud as we have come a long way in educating the public about the horrors of animal agriculture. Much of this progress is the result of the strategic denouncement expressed by the powerful term, factory farming.