Humanewashing and Greenwashing Exposed

Welcome to the Humane Hoax Project. As animal advocates are becoming more successful in exposing the truth about animal agriculture and farmed animal suffering, the industry is responding with new labels, marketing, images, and promotion to ease consumer concerns. Humanewashing and greenwashing are becoming more prevalent and pervasive. The Humane Hoax Project was created to educate consumers about the truth behind the labels and lies. Won’t you join us in saying no to the Humane Hoax and living vegan.

3rd Annual Humane Hoax Chicken Webinar

This year’s chicken webinar on Saturday, May 21 was a fantastic success! Thanks to all who attended, supported, and presented! If you missed it, we’ve got you covered. Click below to see the videos of all the presentations. 




Coconut Bliss recently rebranded as Cosmic Bliss to start selling a new line of grass-fed dairy ice cream. This is a terrible betrayal from a 16-year-old beloved vegan brand, but the true betrayal is to the animals. Please boycott all lines of Cosmic Bliss ice cream and tell the company that they are moving in the wrong direction!



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Books we recommend…


Drawing on peer-reviewed research, worker and rescuer testimony, and encounters with the farmed animals themselves, The Ultimate Betrayal discusses the recent shift in raising and labeling animals processed for food and the misinformation surrounding this new method of farming. This book explores how language manipulates consumers’ concepts about sustainability, humane treatment, and what is truly healthy. With case studies and compelling science, The Ultimate Betrayal increases awareness of the issues surrounding our treatment of animals, global health, and making better food choices.



Why do the vast majority of us continue to consume animals when we could choose otherwise? What are the cultural forces that drive our food choices? These are the fundamental questions Farm to Fable seeks to answer in two ways: by asserting that our beliefs about eating animals remain largely unexamined and therefore unchallenged, and by demonstrating how the fictions of popular culture continually reinforce these beliefs and behaviors. Farm to Fable deconstructs these fictions for those who truly want to know not only where our food comes from, but also why we make the choices that we do.